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Pay your Fair Share of Income Taxes

For most of us around the world, the income tax deduction deadline season is perhaps not the best time of the year. As per a recent survey, most of the American taxpayers are quite ok with the amount of tax they pay. But their sole problem lies with the fact regarding how much other people pay or don’t pay for that matter. As per the Pew Research Centre, 54% of Americans are quite happy with ...

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Morena Espino

Died Jan. 14

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Best Hospitals for Spine Surgery in India


Spine surgery in India is performed at the best hospitals in India that are widely acclaimed for maximum success rate and have an expert panel. Choosing the correct hospital for spine surgery can have a significant impact on the amount of recovery.

Best Hospitals in India for Cost Effective Spine Surgery

Choosing the best hospitals for spine surgery at low cost in India includes various ...

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Five Student Debt Tips From a New Graduate

As a recent graduate myself, I’m now relieved to be finished (for now) with school. I’m also blessed to be in a job I love with room for growth and advancement. However, what I don’t love is the over $16,000 I owe in federal student loans. But I’m not letting it get me down.

I’ve put together a personal repayment plan that involves not only paying off the other debts I’ve accrued ...

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Not Your Grandpa's Cadillac

A Cadillac that was purchased in the 1960s is quite different than a Cadillac purchased in 2016. You could certainly find a handcrafted interior within a Cadillac in the 1960s, but you wouldn't find options like torque-vectoring all drive being made to all consumers. The Cadillacs of today are still committed to the concept of luxury, but they may be even sleeker than your grandfather's Cadillac.

The Sportswagon can come with a ...

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