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Is The Family Farm Still The Backbone Of America?

Our country has faced many trials in the past few years: banks have failed; the housing market has plunged; and the credit market has squeezed. But that's not all. Unemployment has escalated at an alarming rate. Health care costs have skyrocketed. And the Gulf Stream oil spill five years ago created an unprecedented environmental crisis.

In all this mayhem, it has been difficult to project ways for America to build a prosperous ...

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Best ways for fathers to bond with the baby

Parental bonding creates an intense attachment between the baby and the parents. It is an essential process that develops strong ties in the family. The parent’s response to an infant enhances their social cognitive skills. When one becomes a dad, a great excitement occurs. The excitement is followed by a great confusion on how to handle the baby. Most fathers find the new experience challenging. The following are some of the best ways on how ...

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What are the Benefits of Laparoscopic Bariatric in


Bariatric surgery is often referred as weight loss surgery, which is one of the popular fat reduction procedures apart from being the best option to manage and lose weight planned fashion. Obesity is among the most common disorders and not often caused due to over eating/disorders. It is counted among the chronic diseases while its causes may vary from one person to the other. If the nonsurgical options are not seen ...

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How to Learn Tajweed Fast using Noorani Qaida for

Islam is one of the fastest spreading religions throughout the world. The Holy book – though originally revealed in Arabic – is recited by people of many different linguistic origins. Arabic is one of the richest languages of the world and slightest changes in pronunciation can induce big changes in the meanings. It is, therefore, very important to learn to recite Quran in a proper accent and pronunciation. Noorani Qaida for kids is one such ...

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Winter Is Coming. Choose a Fireplace For Your Home

The winter is around the corner and it’s important that you keep your home warm by installing a fireplace. There are a few fantastic types of energy efficient fireplaces that you can incorporate in your home to keep you warm and cozy. It’s important to know that there are many kinds of accessories which are used within fireplaces and among them are pellet baskets, fireguards, firelogs and many more.

Depending on your ...

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