The 5.2 inch full HD G2 Unveiled by LG

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Are you looking for a new Smartphone? Then the full HD G2 Smartphone by LG will be undoubtedly your choice. For many days, there has been a rumor that LG is going to launch its Smartphone and many images were leaked on the internet as well. Finally, the company has unveiled its flagship Smartphone on 7th August at an occasion in New York and put a stop to all the speculations of the Smartphone users. The vital news is this Smartphone is the first to be launched under the new series of the LG Company.

Features of LG G2 Smartphone:
This latest Smartphone is full of so many improved features that you will feel pride to own one. Thus, there is no doubt that from the day of its launch it has created a storm in the mobile phones industry. The display of this Smartphone is 5.2 inches and equipped full HD technology. The bezel of this phone is just 2.65 mm on the side edge and all its credit goes to the Dual Routing technology. It runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. In addition, this Smartphone makes use of GRAM or Graphic technology. Due to this, the energy use of the display is cut down by up to 26 percent if it is on a still frame. The people who are eagerly waiting for this Smartphone can have this in 2 colors, white and black. It is made with a 000mAh battery. That means it will run even without charging for a long time. One innovative and quite unique feature of this phone is it has no buttons on its side. The buttons for volume and power are kept at the backside of this LG G2 Smartphone. Moreover, there is a 2.26GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor in this phone along with Krait CPU and 2 GB RAM.

Specs of LG G2 Smartphone:
Full HD IPS display of 5.2 inches having a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. Internal storage space of this phone is 32GB/16GB. 2.1MP camera that is front facing and 13 MP camera having OIS.

Why LG G2 Smartphone is being compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Yeah you heard it right. There are many tech savvy people who are comparing this latest Lg smartphone with the Galaxy S4 of Samsung. If you think why, then there are a lot of reasons, which are: This most recent phone by LG is full of innovative software facilities like that of the Galaxy S4. First of all, it is loaded with the Answer Me feature. This feature will help you reduce the ring tone volume as well as answer the call automatically once you take it near your ear. Secondly, it has Plug & Pop feature that automatically proposes options to select from once the earphone or USB cable is identified. Further, the latest phone by LG is equipped with the Text Link feature that helps you select the information that is embedded in the text messages. You can also save it in a note or calendar and later can easily search it on the map as well as on the Internet. It includes some other features like Guest Mode, Slide Aside, and Quick Remote.

If you are willing to know its price, then you will be little disappointed to know that LG hasn't declared anything about its price yet. It was announced that in the coming 8 weeks LG would carry its G2 Smartphone in more than 130 wireless carriers in a number of countries starting from South Korea and gradually to North America, Europe and others. So, it is still unknown when it will come to the India.

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