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New Treatments For Osteoporosis - Study

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Osteoporosis can strike anyone but it is common in adults as they approach old age. It is found largely in women because during menopause the hormonal changes are very rapid due to which women develop osteoporosis.

People get affected with osteoporosis due to the loss of cartilage in the joints that results in the slow movement. The hormonal changes also take place as we age and leads towards a silent killer osteoporosis. It is a gradual process and it causes frequent bone fractures. When a person gets a fracture it is the first symptom of osteoporosis.

It is rare that a person dies after having a bone fracture. But some health expert says that males are at a higher risk of death within two years after having a fracture.

Its important to understand the condition to reduce some risk factors say doctors and nurse practitioners. This probably is good news that will encourage a person suffering from osteoporosis.

According to the physicians, osteoporosis occurs when the density of bone gets reduced. Fractures can cause other problems that can threaten your life and lead to increased death.

The medical experts consider the following risk factors that are as follows:

1. Menopause is a primary cause of osteoporosis in women above 40 years of age. Hysterectomy is another problem in women. In menopause, many changes occur in the hormones that affect the functions of the body and most of the times it becomes severe.
2. Deficiency of calcium and vitamin D leads to osteoporosis.
3. Considerable weight loss less than 20 BMI involves a greater risk.
4. People who live a sedentary lifestyle don't build strong bones, as a result osteoporosis take place.
5. A person having a family history of osteoporosis is at higher risk of getting this disease.
6. Consumption of high amounts of caffeine is also harmful.
7. Early history of fragility or fracture during adolescence.
8. Using steroid for a long time in case of having a medical condition can be harmful.
9. Drinking alcohol two or more servings in a day.

Effective Treatments For Osteoporosis

Nowadays many medications are proving effective for treating osteoporosis. Boniva can definitely help to reduce the risk of fracture. It helps to increase calcium density in the bones.

* Some health experts say that minerals are essential for bones. It can be obtained from a proper diet. But some patients cant maintain their diet because of some medical condition. It is important to take 1200 mg of calcium and 800 units of vitamin D a day.

* To build bone strength exercise is also equally important. Aerobic exercises such as aerobic dancing can prove beneficial. Other weight bearing exercises like jogging, walking and running are also helpful for building strong bones.

* Some people want to know about swimming whether it will help the muscles that support bones. Nothing can be said because it is not a weight bearing exercise.

Screenings For Osteoporosis

1. Bone density screening should be done in men at the age of 70. It can also be done at 50. But the number is still less as compared to women.
2. Women undergo bone density screening at the age of 53 or 65 depending upon the risk factors.
3. It will be the biggest achievement if bone fractures can be prevented by treating bone density. However osteoporosis is a major joint problem that should be prevented.



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