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Picking the right carpet for your home

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There are various reasons why most owners prefer to have carpets in their homes. Since carpets are cheap, homeowners settle for them because they add color and texture to an individual room and give out a comfortable environment. But before you buy the best carpet for your home, there are several tips you need to put into consideration to be able to select the best for your home.

Fiber type

Normally, the feel and function of the carpet is mostly determined by the type of fiber used. One of the fibers that are very resilient is wool. That is why your carpet will still keep its shape despite heavy furniture or traffic if it’s made from wool. But this is not the best type of fiber to purchase especially if you want to save on expenses because it is expensive and has poor stain removal.

Nylon is also good because it is durable and most of them are treated to improve stain resistance. If you wish to have a type of fiber that holds brighter colors and is more fade resistant then you can settle for polyester fiber. Olefin fiber is the least resistant to crushing and it’s similar to a carrot in that its color goes all the way through the fiber. Solution-dyed fibers are always colorfast and the best stain resistant since the pores of the fiber are already filled with dye.


Another feature you need to keep in mind is the carpet construction. You need to know that each construction has its advantages and disadvantages. Although a loop construction carpet is durable, you should know that it is vulnerable to pulling especially if you have pets around.

The most common style of carpets is the Cut-pile carpets. If you are looking for a more formal carpet that shows vacuum marks and footprints then you should pick a cut-pile Saxony carpet. What a textured cut-pile carpet does is scatter light and it is more casual for an active household.

Weight and density

If you maximize the weight and density of the fiber you are buying then you will save on cash since a majority of a carpet’s cost involves the fiber itself. For instance, if you choose a loop construction carpet over cut-pile carpet then you will pay less because it weighs less. The same budget will afford a higher weight in polyester carpet but not in nylon.

To try to offset the amount of traffic a carpet is exposed to, it is good to also consider the density and the compactness of the carpet. Some styles are available in different weights which mean you can have the same color in different rooms but you concentrate their budget on the more active areas of the home.


Finally, you need to consider the pattern of the carpet you are buying. If you want to pull together the décor in your bedroom, you can take advantage of the colors and the patterns. Before you pay for the carpet you have chosen, you should always consider its walls and trim colors.

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