The Benefits of Computer Training for Employees

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We have all come to understand the benefits of keeping up with the latest technology for small and big businesses alike. The first big breakthrough that helped convince even the staunchest typing machine enthusiasts to switch over to computers was the advent and subsequent evolution of programs like Word, that not only had incredibly useful features like spell-checking and a wide font selection, but also allowed the users to correct their mistakes on the go and save files to a virtual database which in turn helped save a ton of office space that was previously occupied by heavy filling cabinets. However, the importance of effective training in these essential technologies is not always fully understood by company executives.
Having a highly-capable workforce equals operating more effectively
In modern times we take all this for granted and usually expect people to be accustomed to some of the programs and other technologies that are widely used by companies, namely the Microsoft Office package, as well as social networks, which are often used for online marketing purposes. However, being vaguely familiar with a program doesn't mean one has attained mastery in it and feels comfortable and confident using it, nor does it mean one is able to consistently provide good results without supervision.
If people only understand the very basics of what a program can do, they will keep taking longer routes and doing things the hard way. This kills productivity, and not only within a single department – I have seen people go crying to the IT department when they can’t figure out how to do something in Word or Excel, and even seasoned journalists who couldn’t post an article on a WordPress website without someone standing over their shoulders and guiding them through the process. If you invest a bit of time and money into effective computer training for your employees you end up with a proficient workforce where each team member is fully capable of completing an assignment on their own, which means the work can be finished faster and with less manpower.
Effective training allows for increased problem solving and outside-the-box thinking
Think about it, as a general, would you rather have a small group of highly-trained Special Forces operatives at your disposal or a ragtag band of freedom fighters conscripted from the general population and given a couple of weeks of basic training? Having a deeper understanding of how a piece of software works enables your employees to think up creative ways of solving problems that may arise. They can easily overcome obstacles and even pitch some good ideas that can lead to innovation and optimization, which increases productivity. An employee that is confident in his skills is a valuable asset.
Just because someone’s resume says that they have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Photoshop and other relevant programs, doesn’t mean that they have achieved the level of proficiency required to perform more complex tasks, find the fastest way to finish an assignment, overcome technical obstacles or suggest effective solutions to problems. This is where good computer training makes all the difference, so it is best to provide such training to your employees if you want to maximize your productivity.
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