Should you cheat on your exam?
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Should you cheat on your exam?

Cheating on exams has become every day practice of many students. Some of the reasons for using cheating as a strategy to pass an exam, are unpreparedness, laziness, or a simple need for a remainder. Whatever the reason is, students can be really tricky when it comes to using the right cheating method!

The mother of cheating methods – cheat-sheet method

Writing or printing information you need, trying to include as much information as possible on the small sheet of paper, is very familiar. The sheets are usually hidden on bottles of water, calculators, shoes, pens, and many other creative places. Anyway, in a world of smart mobile devices, handwritten methods have become outmoded.


Nowadays, saving the whole script on a device has become more practical and faster than writing all information on a piece of paper. Unlike the old known method, when students had to read any information at least once to write it down on a sheet of paper, in today's world of advanced devices, they don't even have to do that!

Using mobile phones on the exam still can be a little difficult to do, industry has gone so far that they are even producing cheating watches! This device allows saving large amounts of data someone may need for the exam. As watch still isn't one of the suspicious devices, student can use it quite easily. It is really interesting how one segment of technology development is focused on producing devices for such purpose, too.

Is it worth it?

In spite of all the advantages of cheating, like no need for preparation and more free time, it is still uncertain way of taking the exam. There is a constant fear you will get caught, and also it is kind of unethical to get your diploma like that. Therefore, the much smarter way of preparing for the exam is the actual studying! You need real knowledge to prepare yourself for the future. This may be a problem for many students, but there are many useful techniques for more efficient learning.

Learning and memorizing techniques

For the information that are quite difficult to remember, you can use mnemonic techniques. One of the mnemonic technique is creating an acronym from initial letters of the words you are trying to remember. This can be very useful for enumerations and lists, which are more complicated to memorize.

Another useful advice is to visualize everything you can. Drawing images next to the important information, or creating cognitive maps can be very helpful. The more colorful, vivid and meaningful images are, the better you will remember it!

It is recommended to make your place comfortable for studying, to listen a pleasant music (classical music can be very helpful!), to outline the key words, and what you may like the most, to reward yourself! Giving yourself a reward is great for self-motivation!

Therefore, if you take learning as a challenge for your brain and its ability to memorize, you can make learning a fun process!

What often happens is that in spite of all preparations you make for the exam, you just cannot remember how to begin with something you already know, and all you need is a quick reminder. In such cases, above cheating methods can be quite helpful, but simply to REMIND yourself. Still, it is strongly recommended to prepare yourself well, so that you are more certain in a positive result!

Good luck with your exams!

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