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Natural Joint Pain Supplements: Is It Worth Using?

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There are many types of joint pain – arthritic, pain resulting from an injury, pain resulting from over-stressing the joint, pain from a chronic disease; all of these conditions are painful – some extremely so. How will you treat your pain? Allopathically, or alternatively?

Allopathic Treatments

The first thing an allopathic physician will tell you about arthritis is, here is no cure. As far as we know, he's right. However, there are alternative treatments for arthritis that reduce your pain, or eliminate it completely. This doesn't cure the arthritis – the disease is still attacking your joints, but it makes your life far more livable than suffering through the allopathic treatments available currently. And, there is one alternative treatment that slows down the progression of osteoarthritis, and that beats the heck out of living with extreme pain and joint stiffness until you break down and have a joint replacement surgery.

Allopathic physicians start treating your arthritis with over-the-counter pain medications. They work their way through the OTCs, and when they finally stop giving you relief, the physician moves to the prescription NSAID drugs. Next up are cortisone injections in the affected joints; what a lovely thing to look forward to – Not! If you've gotten no relief from the physical therapies – the range-of-motion exercises, the aerobic exercises, the isometric and isotonic exercises, the strength-training, the weight loss efforts – then next on your agenda is surgery.

Alternative Treatments

The alternative practitioner will also suggest the physical therapy routines prescribed by an allopath. In conjunction with the physical therapy, the alternative practitioner – an holistic physician, a naturopath, a doctor of Eastern medicine – will treat your pain and stiffness with supplements derived from nature. There are a myriad of herbs providing anti-inflammatory relief, analgesic pain relief, both topical and oral, and support for stiff joints. Glucosamine sulfate tops the list, as research from Europe has shown glucosamine sulfate to work as an analgesic, and to rebuild the cartilage destroyed by osteoarthritis. Hyaluronic acid is also thought to be helpful. Ginger, turmeric, and green tea are used as anti-inflammatories, and have been shown to have positive effects.

Can Alternative Therapies Cure?

It depends on what you're trying to cure; there is no cure for arthritis, at least that we know of. Can alternative treatments cure sprains, inflammation, and pain resulting from a joint injury? How about a repetitive stress injury? What about chronic illnesses, such as fibromyalgia?

Alternative therapies can certainly treat all of these conditions. Yes, alternative therapies and supplements can cure inflammation and pain resulting from an injury, when used in conjunction with physical therapies. The same goes for repetitive stress. There are no known cures for chronic pain illnesses such as fibromyalgia, but natural joint pain supplements provide far better relief than allopathic treatments, and with far fewer side effects.

Supplements work best when the patient undergoes a lifestyle change – healthy eating habits, stopping smoking, weight loss, and regular exercise are huge factors in how a chronic condition is treated. Also, alternative therapies include mind-body therapy, something allopathic medicine tends to ignore. A positive attitude is a heavy-hitting weapon when dealing with chronic pain.


If you're hoping to find a "magic bullet" in the alternative therapy world, don't. It doesn't exist, either in the allopathic or alternative world. Be suspicious of anyone who says they have such a bullet; most likely they're taking aim at your wallet and nothing else. Natural supplements have been tested for centuries, and they're still in use because, simply stated, they work. Allopathic treatments are harsh on a body, and the list of known side effects very often leads a patient to just living with the disease – the cure sounds a far worse proposition than the condition the patient has been living with! Natural supplements have withstood scientific inquiry, and when the studies are done properly, they fare well in the results. All in all, nature is a better choice when looking for help; it's the natural thing to do.

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