Cheap DIY Projects to add Storage Space in your Ho
by maya

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Practically every home needs a little more space hence the need for you to customize your storage space so that it accommodates more. Hiring a contractor to do so can be quite astronomical. However, there are several DIY projects that add storage space to your home with little or no cost incurred. Check them at

The Kitchen

A typical kitchen will have a few shelves, drawers and if you are lucky enough, a pantry. Even with all this storage space you'll find that there isn't enough room for your pans, utensils, pots and whatever else. With a few adjustments, you will create more room. Here are some ideas;

1. Installing slide-out storage under the kitchen sink to allow easy access to things that would easily get lost in the back.
2. Store kitchen utensils such as pans diagonally so that you save on space.
3. Add magnetic panels to the walls for hanging crockery.
4. Make a cabinet door knife-block to store your knives. This is safer than storing the knives in a drawer and all that you need is wood glue, wood scraps and some screws.

You will notice that kitchen storage hacks involve a better utilization of the available space rather that creating it. With a little creativity from your side, you'll be able to fill in more stuff.

The Living Room

The living room serves many purposes; it could be a place where your family just sits and talks, entertainment hub i.e. houses your home theater and a host of other uses. Whatever the purpose it serves, you can add a bit of storage in it with these hacks;

1. Use storage seats which not only add space but also provide extra seating.
2. Use planters to hang small items on the wall.
3. Create a folding-table that can be hang on the wall; try to make sure it looks like a picture frame.
4. Floating shelves would also be a great idea but you have to make sure you leave adequate space to accommodate the height of items you intend to store there.

It can be argued that there comes a point when one has to give up his/ her old stuff. Fortunately, this can wait as long as you find a little more room for your stuff.

The Bedroom

Your bedroom does not need much more than your clothing and bed but since people love to add a personal touch to their 'space', some things find their way in and this may result in clutter. Fortunately, you can de-clutter your bedroom with this tips;

1. Create hidden storage behind the staircase up your bedroom.
2. Use chain and S hooks to hang clothes in the closet
3. Add pegboards inside your closet to keep small items off the floor and within arm's reach.
4. Buy or make a bed with built-in storage
5. Store those extra sheets under the mattress.
6. Roll all towels and save on closet space.

Other Options

Renting a storage unit (like this one in Adelaide), would be another great way to save on space. All you have to do is make sure that the unit is waterproof (if it will be staying outdoors) and is sufficient enough. You might also consider using basket as shelves or even make wire racks. The options are limitless.

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