The Doomsday Prepper's Guide to Self Storage
by maya

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Since the turn of the 21st century, the world has witnessed a chain of unstable events and this has heightened fears that the world as we know it may come to an abrupt end. Terrorism, global war, natural disasters, economic collapse and pandemics have all been stated as reasons why the end of the world is imminent. A group of people, named Doomsday Preppers, dedicate a lot of time and invest loads of money in preparing for such apocalyptic conditions and interestingly, their activities have gained widespread coverage on mainstream media like National Geographic Channel.

How Preppers Operate

When water, food, electricity, fuel, police protection and other social safety nets become non-existent, preppers strive to be self-sufficient and lead comfortable lives, in the face of the chaos surrounding them. Though some preppers can be classified under the irrational fringe category, the majority of them are just normal people who have a deep passion for developing survival skills possibly due to technical and military experience, frugal practices, historical study or higher education. In view of that, survival preparedness has become a lifestyle for most of them.

Some preppers have gone to the extent of forming community support networks on Meetup and Facebook and also have meticulous plans in place for bartering and homesteading with like-minded families in case disaster strikes. This process entails serious planning and gathering and storing of a substantial amount of supplies. More info can be found on this forum.

Self-Storage for Preppers

Though there are a number of ways in which supplies can be stored, self-storage units provide certain benefits that may make them the perfect solution for such emergency situations. Ironically, the idea of self-storage units has never been really sold to or discussed amongst the prepping fraternity, despite its potential benefits. Accordingly, the following is a doomsday prepper’s guide to self-storage for enhancing their getaway plans:

Renting a Mobile Storage Unit

Mobile storage units (like this one: can be strategically placed at various locations to store commodities that must be accessed easily during times of emergency. Moreover, in situations that necessitate a fast getaway, the mobile unit can be packed and moved to safety.

Renting a Storage Unit

If you find that the mobile storage unit is not a viable or discreet option for your possessions, then consider going for the traditional storage units. These units are larger in size and would afford you more room for storing your supplies. They are also more secure from intruders and protect your possessions from environmental damage. These facilities are normally located in areas that are easy to access thereby guaranteeing a safer and quicker passage to your supplies. Consider going for remote storage facilities to help keep your supplies safe from the prying hands of strangers. Having a conspicuous storage unit may easily attract unwarranted attention.

Security and Safety of your Possessions

Most self-storage facilities come with climate-controlled units. These are helpful when storing medicine and other temperature-sensitive commodities. Other than temperature control, the humidity is also regulated to ensure that vulnerable materials are kept in good condition.

When storing highly valuable and sensitive contents in particular, the storage unit must provide a high level of security to minimise the risk of theft. In the event of a disaster, many people will be searching for easy targets to boost their own supplies. Luckily most people tend to believe that these storage units only contain furniture and other household items that are of little value during times of crisis. Thus, storing food and other necessities in storage unit will provide you with ample time to unload your supplies without having to worry about curious onlookers.

Let the contents of the unit be a top secret. Do not even tell your storage unit renter or the facility manager what you are storing. Furthermore, consider renting a drive-up unit and block the entrance of the vehicle as you unload the contents – this is the best way to block the view from curious passersby. Also, store your supplies in nondescript boxes to enable you carry and re-arrange them without disclosing their contents. You can even create a secret labeling code so that only you and your family members know what each box contains.

Show some Philanthropy

If you are a prepper, chances are that you have encountered some cynicism or even disdain from friends and even family members. And yet if disaster strikes, these same people will run to you for assistance. Keeping a supply of the most basic commodities can help you rescue others when they are in dire need of help, but you risk depleting the supplies reserved for you and your family members. Therefore, it would be worthwhile to acquire a separate self-storage unit for the community and store supplies which you can comfortably distribute to the public in times of need, without compromising your personal reserves.

Preparing for Calamities and Natural Disasters

Tornadoes, floods and hurricanes and many other natural phenomena can potentially wipe away your private home. To be on the safe side, you must store your food and other survival equipment in at least two separate locations. This way, you will have a better chance of accessing at least one of the facilities when tragedy happens. Nonetheless, many self storage units are specially built to withstand harsh weather conditions, while others may be spared due to their strategic geographical location and positioning.

Materials to be Stored

The key is to accumulate as many sustainable items as you can. Storing water, food, fuel, medical supplies and other survival equipment is important but these will only offer you temporary relief during times of disaster. Your goal therefore should be to store items that will sustain food production, generate power, and secure personal property, as they will be crucial for long-term survival. Materials that will provide you with prolonged stability include farming equipment, back-up generators, gas masks, communication devices, non-electric appliances, seeds and canned food.


Storage units could be just the right answer for Doomsday preppers, especially if they are looking for cost effective ways to enhance their preparedness. What’s more, you can terminate the rental agreement at any given time if you find a better plan or are forced to move to another location. But bear in mind that very few options will provide you with such flexibility.

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