Brand new dress codes for plus sized women
by maya

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Brand new dress codes for plus sized women

For plus sized women, until recently, was worth nearly only one rule when it comes to dressing up. Hide in the black! But that has changed. Here are some fashion tricks that will perfectly fit plus sized women.


Old rule: Wear black!

New rule: Black will hide you, but this is not always the best choice. If you are thinner in the lower part of the body, then, for example, a red pencil skirt cut will be a right choice to attract attention. Whether for the office or evening hours, these pencil cut skirts has become more popular. Find the one that will accentuate your hips and waist so visually make thinner for yourself. Probably every woman wants to have an hourglass figure, and this is possible with the so-called color block dress. When you want to emphasize femininity in the best possible way, put on a dress whose sides emphasize the hourglass line.


Old rule: Tight jeans are for skinny girls!

New Rule: Try thicker denim that has a lot of elastin. It will straighten your imperfections and keep everything in the right place. With more stretching upper part you will keep the throttling. If you are looking for the perfect pants maybe you should consider variants of pants with vertical stripes. Thin, vertical stripes make the wonder of the female body. Your legs will look longer and leaner, and correctly selected pants cut will further flatter your figure in the waist area.Nothing flatters the female figure as a great pair of high-waisted jeans. High-waisted jeans put the focus on the narrowest place, just below your ribs which is the thinnest part of your body.

Prints and patterns

Old rule: Big patterns will make you even bigger.

New Rule: Let there be a pattern such as flowers, but let them be randomly placed. This way you will not keep the looks at one point.


Old rule: Do not wear horizontal stripes, ever!

New rule: Wear thin stripes on a dark background. They will not point out the areas you’re trying to hide as it would have done the thick stripes. Short jacket to your waist will help to emphasize your curves.


Old rule: Peplum on plus sized women? Not in your craziest dreams!

New rule: We are so glad that peplum has made its comeback and the only reason for that is that now we can prove that peplum shirts look so good on plus sized women. The key is that there are not many folds and that pleats are in the right place, just below the waist and then peplum can really flatter the female silhouette.


Old rule: Ruffles on plus sized women? Really? No!

New rule: The best way to draw attention from something that you do not want it to stand out and draw attention to the area you want to highlight is to wear a blouse with vertical ruffles. It balances the silhouette by adding volume to the neckline and draws attention away from the belly.

Sexy lingerie

Old rule: Spanx, spanx and spanx!

New rule: Although many women today are still wearing spanx to shape their bodies, there are lots of sexy lingerie on the market today that looks beautiful and still shape your body. Just think about how you feel wearing spanx and how would you feel knowing that underneath your clothes you’re wearing sexy lingerie. Confident! And confidence is the main key to look sexy and great no matter what you’re wearing.

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