Vintage Baby Nurseries With A Modern Twist
by maya

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Expecting moms and dads are usually very excited about getting their baby's nursery prepared. If you are looking for great ideas for your bundle of joy's room, consider creating a classic and elegant space. Vintage nurseries with a modern twist look beautiful and functional. This is an ideal room for any chic baby to stay in. Here are a couple of great ideas for your vintage nursery:

1. Cool colors vs. warm colors

If you want a certain color for your room, you need to determine whether it is a cool or warm color. This can help you choose suitable accents for your room. The color palette of your room can set the mood of the nursery. Cool colors give off a rustic feel that can be paired with lace and other trimmings. Warm pastel colors can look softer and will look great with sheer fabric and floral patterns.

2. Shabby chic

If you want to take that extra mile and paint the furniture in your nursery, consider using the a shabby chic effect. You can achieve this by using a dry brush and painting a wooden piece of furniture or door a clean shade of white. Although shabby chic calls for white, you can use other colors, too. A light turquoise or a mint color will also look lovely with this painting technique.

3. Dark wooden furniture

Vintage patterns look amazing with dark wooden furniture. Consider keeping your baby crib, cabinets and other pieces of furniture in their natural wooden color. This requires very little maintenance and will look very classic. Dark wooden furniture brings about an air of elegance that will look beautiful in any nursery.

4. Fun ornaments

You can add vintage teddy bears, dolls or other toys on a shelf to complete the look you are trying to achieve. Choose an ideal location in the room, away from the crib and install a high shelf close to the ceiling. You can also spell your baby's name out using big letters made of vintage cloth patterns.

5. Sweet looking embellishments

A crystal chandelier, a vintage mirror or any other embellishments will look lovely in a vintage nursery. Consider adding lace and doilies around the room to complete your look.

6. Hints of gold and sparkle

You can add a bit of gold and sparkle throughout the room. During the 20s, gilded furniture was very popular. Although you do not want to add too much to your room, you will want to add little hints of sparkle all throughout the nursery.

7. Play with patterns

Printed quilts and patterned walls give off a vintage charm. Choose ones with Parisian themed patterns, paisley or floral prints. You can mix and match patterns around the room as long as their color palettes match. Consider choosing monochromatic colors when looking at patterns. You can choose a wallpaper with a wonderful vintage pattern and cover your nursery with it. Stripes, animals or fleur de lis patterns would look marvelous.

8. Rustic night light

Give your baby peace at night by installing a baby night light. You can choose one that gives a calming amber glow. This can help you navigate your way around the nursery when your baby calls for your attention. Not only does this give a rustic feel, it is also very practical. Be sure to choose a night light that is energy efficient and place it in a strategic location inside your room so that it does not disturb your baby while he or she sleeps.

9. Vintage frames

Decorate your nursery with vintage frames. Choose wooden ones with remarkable patterns. Fill one wall with mismatched frames full of wonderful moments. You can hang blank frames on your wall, too which are ready for pictures of your newborn. Before hanging your frames, draw a guide on the wall you intend on hanging them on. This can help you get an idea of where the frames will go and how they will look inside the room.

10. Bookshelf

Fill your vintage nursery with wonderful classic books. You can find wonderful hardbound books at any second-hand bookstore. This can add character to your bookshelf. The great thing about this is that you can share these stories with your little one every night just before tucking them in.

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