10 Safety Tips For Outdoor Home Maintenance

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No matter where you live or what type of home you have, proper outdoor home maintenance is needed. Make sure that you keep your outdoor living space safe by inspecting your home at least once a year. Here are a couple of outdoor safety tips for your home:

1. Roof maintenance

Have someone regularly inspect your roof for any defects or damages. A leak in your roof can lead to further damage inside the house. If a leak is not detected in the early stages, it will just grow and cause more of a problem. Make sure that you replace any broken or missing shingles before anything worse happens.

2. Store summer furnishings

If you have outdoor or patio furniture for the warmer months, make sure to store them during winter. This can preserve their material and help you lengthen their lifespan. Cover them up with cloth during winter and keep them indoors. This way, you can protect them from the harsh weather. Once spring is around the corner, you can take them out and set them up with little or no repairs needed.

3. Overhanging tree branches

If you have any large trees next to your home, make sure to have large overhanging branches trimmed. These can cause problems on your room or your entire house. If the tree sways or falls due to natural causes, your property might get damaged. Large overhanging branches can also cause gutter clogs when their leaves fall on your roof. This will require more maintenance, especially during fall.

4. Watch out for protrusions

Protrusions in your roof such as chimneys can be a bit more difficult to maintain. This area is more prone to missing or broken shingles. Always watch out for skylights, air-vents, pipes and chimneys when doing a roof inspection. If any of these things are broken, they can cause a leak which will lead to further damage of your property. Make sure that you schedule for maintenance at least once a year.

5. Gutter maintenance

Gutters can separate at the seams. Even though the downspouts are not fully detached, you need to have this repaired before they open or completely separate. When this happens, your repairs will be much more costly, and you might even have to replace your entire system. Other problems include uneven slopes, cracked or clogged gutters. Have your gutters maintained each year, especially before rainy season sets in.

6. Replace windows and panels

Windows are not only functional, they can change the appearance of your home. Choose energy efficient windows and increase the value of your investment. Windows that do not shut properly will cause temperature problems inside your home, forcing you to put your HVAC system into overtime. When replacing windows, make sure that you use a sturdy aluminium scaffold or that you hire a professional to do the job for you.

7. Discard outdoor items beyond repair

If you have broken outdoor furniture, toys or equipment lying around your backyard, make sure that they are discarded of. If you do not want to just throw these items away, you can have them auctioned or you can donate them. However, the items that are beyond repair can go straight to your nearest landfill or recycling plant.

8. Scheduled sprinkler system

Conserve water and energy while keeping your yard looking its best with a scheduled sprinkler system. Have an irrigation specialist install one in your front lawn and backyard. By getting a professional to do the job, you will know that it is done right and that no codes are violated.

9. Chimney Stacks

Regularly inspect and clean your chimney stacks, especially if you have been using it during winter. A cracked chimney cap will let water in your home. If your rain or pest cap is missing, racoons or other animals might be able to enter your home. Have your chimney inspected by a licensed professional.

10. Keep outdoor items organized

If you are storing your outdoor furniture for the winter, make sure that you have everything neatly organized. Keep all the parts and pieces together so that you don't have to rummage around the shed as soon as spring is near. Make sure that any outdoor tools or equipment are kept neatly in the shed or in the garage as to avoid accidents.

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