How a DUI can affect your life, long-term

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Most people know about the short-term effects of a DUI conviction, which may include jail time, suspension of driver’s license, alcohol and drug classes, probation, fines, etc. However, many people do not know that DUI is a serious offence, which can also have the below mentioned long-term effects.

Losing current job

Some people with driving-related work may lose their job after a DUI conviction. That’s because most employers would not want to keep an employee whose clean driving record has been tarnished.

Difficulty in getting new job

Many employers take a DUI offense in your criminal record very seriously. Especially, when you apply for jobs like bus driver, truck driver or taxi driver. You would find it difficult to get these jobs even after your driving license has been reinstated. Almost all employers are conducting the check for criminal background of their employees. If you have a DUI offence, it can create an embarrassing situation for you and affect the decision of your potential employer.

Problems with auto insurance

When your insurance company finds out about your DUI offense, they will respond by taking two steps. The first step is, they would give you a high risk driver status. Therefore, you will have to buy a car insurance policy that is more expensive than your current car insurance policy. In several cases, DUI offenders have to wait for years before their policy rates are reduced. (Read more about how a DUI will affect you car insurance policy here)

The second step that the insurance company would take is the non-renewal of your existing car insurance policy. This will force you to find a new insurance company. However, due to the non-renewal record of your previous policy, it will be difficult to find another insurance company.

Problems with life insurance

Life insurance companies look at the risk involved before they assess the rates an applicant will pay. Most insurance companies think that if you have had a DUI offence in the past five years, then you do not deserve to qualify for best health ratings. Additionally, the mention of DUI offense in your record will make the life insurance company treat you as a risky individual, which will affect your premium rates.

If you have a poor health history along with a DUI offense, then you can expect great difficulty in finding good insurance policy at decent premium rates. However, if you have a DUI offense that is more than five years old, then it proves that you have learned from your mistake. In such a case, you will get a tolerant response from the life insurance company.

Difficulty in further education

Having a DUI conviction in your record will make it difficult for you to get into college. Colleges do not want students that have a history of drinking problems. Also, there are occupations like teachers, attorneys, drivers, doctors, etc. that require state licensing or certifications. All these occupations will disqualify you as a potential employee because you lack proper licensing or certification.

Problems in personal life

Almost everyone questions the ability of a person to make smart decisions, if they have a record of irresponsible behavior. It’s commonly seen that individuals lose the trust of their family members, spouses and friends after they are convicted under DUI offense. Most DUI offenders have to go through an emotional roller-coaster of uncertainty and embarrassment.

Regardless of your circumstances, most people will assume that you have a drinking problem and thus a DUI conviction will surely affect the way people view you as a person.

The effects if DUI conviction is a felony

If your state treats a DUI conviction as a felony, then you can have many other problems. Because of your DUI offense you may lose many personal liberties, like right to purchase a firearm, right to vote and ability to get a passport. You may also lose eligibility for many government schemes and programs.


There is heavy social stigma attached to drunk driving, and most people find it difficult to lead the same life after their DUI conviction, as they did before. The best way to avoid all the above mentioned long-term effects of DUI conviction is to avoid driving after drinking. However, if you have already been arrested for a DUI, then you must contact a drink driving lawyer to understand your rights. An efficient lawyer will have a better understanding about the laws in your state regarding a DUI.

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