Fun Ways to Inspire Learning in Your Kids' Study A
by maya

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A study area is a natural option if you have a spare room next to your kids' bedroom. Small bedrooms may be too cramped to serve as sleeping and study areas in one, so having them do their homework in one room is a better option and will make study sessions easier. You also have more freedom when it comes to decorating especially if you want to incorporate items in the room that will make studying fun for the kids. Here are some fun ideas for creating a learning-inspired room for your children.

Study areas in color blocks

Give the kids separate study areas according to their favorite colors. This will also help you in picking out the furniture when you start decorating. Choosing children's furniture according to color is fun and something that the kids can also help out in. Having a separate study area is important when each kid needs to concentrate on homework. You can always put a community table with comfy and colorful chairs in the middle for games after all the homework is done. Opt for ergonomic chairs to promote good posture, and the colorful cushions might just help keep your kids stay seated until they finish all their homework.

Community chalkboard

The great thing about chalkboards is that you can use any surface as a writing board and all you need is chalkboard paint. You can designate a part of a blank wall as writing space and use that for helping out with homework. Kids love writing on the walls, so what better way to let them do this than by creating a chalkboard right on one?

Alphabet mobiles

Small kids are fascinated by things that float and fly and if you have alphabets that come in attractive colors, hanging them in a mobile in one corner of the room which you can designate as the Alphabet corner is one way to introduce your little tots to the alphabet.

Felt Safari Strip

Introduce your kids to animals by putting up a felt strip along the length of one wall. You can make cut-out felt animals in different colors and stick them onto the felt strip using Velcro. The strip is also a good place for storytelling using felt characters that you can make with the kids. You can find ready-made felt strips and animals in most craft stores, and installation usually takes just a few minutes.

Storage Bins and Shelves

Storage is extremely important to avoid clutter. Cluttered spaces are never conducive for studying so storage spaces can ensure that things go back to where they should be after use. You can encourage the kids to keep clutter to a minimum by giving them shelves and storage bins of their own. Use colors and interesting patterns to add more points of interest, but it is also a good idea to use cool calming colors to set off the colors and patterns of your shelves. Greens and blues are cool and calming and will serve as great backdrops for the entire study space.

These are just a few ways to turn a blah spare room into a fun study room for your kids. Colors, wall art that double as learning areas and colorful chairs, tables and shelving create a space that is conducive for learning.

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