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Marquee – A Perfect Venue for Your Celebration

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If you decide to hold a celebration in a marquee, you should write a comprehensive list of requirements and tasks to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Here are several recommendations to start you off.

You might want to hold a part of your celebration in the garden grounds, but you should have a contingency plan if it rains. If space and budget is not an issue, you can have a separate lounge area within the marquee, with partitions,which will be unveiled at the special moment.

When it comes to entrance, having a small porch can make everything grander and keep the warmth in. Ensure that there is a partition between themain marqueeand the catering tent, as your guests will hardly want to see staff preparing food.

With regard to toilets, even if there’s a building right next to the marquee, I would strongly advise renting a mobile toilet; they are very posh now and more than worth the hassle they will save you.

Additionally, think of how much power do the band, caterers andtoilets need.Make sure the home supply is sufficient because I’m positively sure you don’t want to risk the power tripping.Just to be on the safe side, seriously consider hiring a small generator.

And what about parking? If it is in a nearby field, you should provide a solid walkway for guests if it rains, as walking through mud in heels is not much fun. Make sure that everything is properly marked so that people know where to park. In case there is no parking on site, see if there’s a nearby car park that guests can use.

When we talk about cleaning, you’d be best advised to have cleaning baskets ready for spills or messes. Give them to your caterer or to someone who’s in charge of cleaning so they are well prepared for any accidents that may occur. Also, it is usually a good idea to have some cleaners the morning after to helpyou with the inevitable mess.

Speaking of security, find out if there’s a room in the building next to the marquee that can be locked. If so, use it for valuables and presents, giving the key to someone you trust. In case the marquee is going to be unattended before the celebration, for instance, if nobody lives on the premises, then you should seriously consider hiring a security guard.

When considering caterers for you party, check with them what size catering tent they need to proficientlyservice your celebration. You should also make sure your caterers have access to fresh water, be that simply an extendable hose going into the catering tent. Ask the caterer of your choice how many people they need to cater for your celebration in a timely manner, as this is certainly not an aspect to save costs on.

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