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The long, hot, dog days of summer are upon us. They will undoubtedly call us out from our offices to enjoy the sunshine and warm breezes. Many employers and company owners have struck upon a terrific idea. To generate a more relaxed working atmosphere, they opt to host a summer party for the entire company.

When a party is first mentioned, what all of the employees and guests really want to know is what kind of food will be served. These people have worked hard and deserve a reward for their dedication and commitment, so it is wise not to skimp on the food. If you are planning the party, here are a few tips to make the gathering extra special.

Finger foods

Since everyone will be mingling, offer trays of passed hors d'oeuvres that they can quickly grab. Be sure to provide a mix of both warm and cold appetizers. Tantalizing tidbits that will help keep everyone sated as they await the main course can include:

- Cucumbers hollowed into cups and filled with a refreshing gazpacho
- Crisp lettuce leaves filled with asian-inspired chicken salad
- Grilled shrimp and pineapple kebabs
- Tomato and basil bruschetta
- Zucchini rounds sprinkled with parmesan cheese and fried until crisp

Grilling station

Almost every party and large event during the summer incorporates the smoky aroma of grilled foods to get taste buds going. Do not limit selections to just meats. Other items like squash, asparagus, tomatoes, mushrooms, and eggplant will acquire beautiful char marks from the grill and be infused with the smokiness that makes summer foods so delectable. This offers everyone something lighter to eat, and gives vegetarians and dieters several options. It is summer after all, so take advantage of nature's bounty and include as many fresh vegetables as possible.


A surefire way to infuse excitement in your company's summer party is to make the beverages stand out as much as the food. Some unique ideas are:

- Large pitchers of fresh lemonade and other fruit-infused waters with citrus slices that float in and among ice cubes are tempting.
- Extra ice cubes containing chunks of melon, berries, and other frozen fruit can change regular iced tea or soda into a special treat that even children will enjoy.
- A traditional party punch served in a hollowed out watermelon rind bowl is always fun.
- A slender fruit juice popsicles served in glasses of bubbly champagne or proseco that give them a twist of color and unexpected flavor.
- A red or white sangria with peach, apple, and other fruit slices pairs well with grilled foods.
- Mint, basil, and thyme simple syrups combine with spirits for refreshing mixed drinks; include extra sprigs of fresh herbs for garnish.

Unique ideas like these are sure to keep your employees cool. A thoughtful and useful little extra that keeps dirt and bugs out of guest drinks is inverted cupcake liners- try to find striped, polka dotted, and flowered ones. For added convenience, poke a hole in the center for straws.

Here you can find some easy and tasty recipes for your party!


Presentation matters almost as much as the food. Since this is an outdoors event, incorporate a bit of nature into your place settings. Small bundles of leaves and flowers tied with natural jute or cotton twine are attractive. A scattering of silver bowls overflowing with blackberries or cardboard pints of strawberries that guest can partake of are charming. Find items that are in season and use them. Also, a few pieces of colorful fabric and table runners add a bit of elegance to plain tables.

If you are planing just a few hours event, without any heavy meals think of getting an ice cream truck, making a chocolate fondue or just get enough tasty smoothies for everyone. You can get exelent catering service from places like YogoArt caffe. (We've worked with them our last office party and it was superb!)

Take advantage of the summer sun. You can boost employee morale and give them the opportunity to blow off a little steam outdoors with a well-planned summer party for the whole company.

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