Why we Love Shabby Chic
by maya

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The Shabby Chic is an interior design style that evolved in the 1980s – and has continued to be a fashionable and trendy method of decorating homes today. According to the design magazine known as the “World of Interiors”, the term Shabby Chic was coined by an interior designer named Rachel Ashwell.

This concept of decoration is a brief representation of a refined French interior design with a touch of British elegance. It is also a concept that describes a generation of homeowners who have a penchant for refurbishing and refinishing furniture pieces from the olden days.

Why Is Shabby Chic in Interior Design So Popular?

Many interior designers opine that shabby chic grew in popularity as a result of the recession. Homeowners found the idea of recycling old items and utilizing them in new ways to be both creative and cost-effective. Besides, people are constantly looking for unique ways of expressing themselves with reference to their living space, and would like their homes to have a more personal touch.

Generally, shabby chic furniture is very popular among homeowners and designers who are tired of the monotonous modern furniture pieces and are searching for something a little bit different and distinctive. Shabby chic furniture is inspired by the past designs and revitalizes homes with an olden look. This may sound peculiar, but the furniture pieces are eye-catching and elegant, and they look as though they have endured the test of time.

What are the Benefits of Shabby Chic?

Shabby chic can be a highly practicable and beneficial style of interior design for those working on a limited budget. It is also very useful for families with small children or pets, notorious for causing destruction to the furniture.

The furniture pieces can be easily obtained from estate sales and flea markets and they do not have to match. What’s more, any dents or scratches to the furniture by aggressive children or animals may actually accentuate your shabby chic design rather than ruining it.

How to go Shabby Chic

The following are some tips on how to imitate the shabby chic interior design in different rooms of the home:

The Living Rooms and Dining Rooms

The main focus in your living and dining rooms is the furniture. Shabby chic furniture pieces do not have any patterns and are usually colored in pale pastel colors, which reflect a sense of purity and innocence. You can apply a white slipcover over your shabby chic furniture pieces so as to make the living room livelier and match the existing accessories. The living room seating space can be enriched with throw pillows that have dissimilar floral patterns.

Additionally, place a rug that is manufactured from shaggy material at the center of your dining or living room. You can also adorn the rooms with accessories such as light fixtures like chandeliers and a vase filled with flowers which are not well arranged.

The Shabby Chic Bedroom

Start by selecting items and accessories for your bedrooms. Visit flea markets and thrift stores to find some timeworn treasures, or peruse through estate and garage sales for some interesting and unique items. Choose functionally sound items that have visible signs of age like beds, wardrobes or bedside tables with chipped surfaces or peeling layers of paint. Alternatively, you may work with furniture you already have in your house. Simply sand your wooden tables, whitewash your dressers and distress other items so as to give them worn look. Try out various painting techniques that bring out a tatty yet tasteful look.

Dress up your bed using a handmade or chenille quilt, an assortment of pillows and soft linens to create a beautiful and comfortable bed ensemble. Continue with this theme by using a rustic wood headboard and wrought iron. Hang crystal chandeliers, candle holders and scatter glass vases and cherished mementos around the bedrooms to add charm and personality.

Hang antique mirrors, old family photos, embroidered flower artwork or any decorative wall accents that convey cottage charm. Consider using frames made of alley wood to create a rustic feel. Install airy window treatments and use cotton eyelet fabrics or laces to add that farmhouse flair.

The Shabby Chic Bathroom

The wall is the main area of focus in the bathroom. If you want to achieve a genuine shabby chic bathroom décor, select matte colors only and avoid flashy and shiny items. For a more exciting look, you may use vintage yellow (pale golden) or neutral sand shades to create a feeling of coziness, or paint the walls with stripes using two colors and duct tape. Try combining different colors such as pale yellow and soft white or white and creamy lines.

Use white towels only, or go for those that have champagne shades or soft cream colors. These would be perfect for your bathroom particularly if they match with the walls of the bathroom. Your bathroom accessories and furniture also need to be planned and considered so as to complement and augment your new bathroom makeover. Browse wide range of bathroom accessories and vanities at http://www.allurebathrooms.com.au/.

The Shabby Chic Kitchen

With the kitchen, focus on the little details. The kitchen linens must look homespun. Display your old fashioned oven mitts, embroidered hand towels, delicate sugar bowls, tin canister sets and other treasured pieces of accessories. However, this should be done in a clever way, so as not to clutter the countertops.

Select the right kind of furniture for your kitchen. The most ideal choice would be a chunky French-style wooden table. Replica furniture pieces may also be used (you can find them here). Give all solid wood chairs and tables another coat of paint and then sand their surfaces to show layers of color. Remember that chipped surfaces, cracks, dents and any other sign of age are desirable in a shabby chic kitchen.

Lastly create a color palette for your kitchen. If you are looking for a country cozy feel, you may paint the whole kitchen white. Soft pastels represent country comfort, while a cottage feel is defined by the use of lighter shades of color. Nonetheless, the shabby chic style is flexible – it allows the use of mismatched colors and does not have any rigid rules.


Some people may not have fully embraced this style of interior design, but there is no denying the fact that it has become very popular with homeowners and designers who like the light, airy feel of contemporary designs blended with the subtle and stylish ancient designs. If you are looking to incorporate this type of interior design in your home, simply follow the above guidelines.

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