Better things to put in your coffee than cream
by ipsy
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Do you love the smell of hot coffee on an early morning? Yes, we all do. Coffee is famous for its energizing power – it contains the stimulant caffeine which can make you feel less tired. Furthermore, people believe that coffee helps burn fat and improves physical performance. While most of us like to consume it with sugar or milk, there are some very unusual ingredients that others fancy adding. And I don’t mean cream.
1. Butter – the perfect combination for people who like to sleep in and have no time for breakfast. Adding butter to your coffee gives you an additional boost of energy and at the same time provides you with the necessary calories so that you can skip the morning meal.
2. Coconut oil – A healthy way to break the monotony of coffee drinking. Coconut oil boosts the immune system and speeds up the metabolism. It also adds an exotic note and a sweeter taste. Just make sure your coffee is hot so that the oil can dissolve.
3. Cardamom – This unusual spice neutralizes the effect of the caffeine. You can simply stir it into your coffee for a richer and peculiar flavor.
4. Peanut butter – This is like adding protein and vitamins in your morning drink. The combination of flavors is fantastic – the only thing you risk is peanut butter sticking to the bottom of your cup.
5. Maple syrup – If you like your coffee sweet, you can freely go overboard with the maple syrup. It will make your skin look younger and increase your resistance to sickness. On top of that your coffee will taste like candy.
6. Cinnamon – Adding cinnamon instead of cream turns out to be a very smart choice. As it doesn’t contain any fat, it can save you some calories. Cinnamon also reduces the craving for food thus regulating your daily intake. On top of that it boosts your brain function. Do you really need more reasons?

These ingredients are all healthier substitutions for sugar and cream that you can add to your coffee. At first you may feel a little skeptical but once you try them you will not regret doing so. And in the spirit of unusual things in your morning coffee, here are some truly weird things people drink their cups of coffee with:

7. Salt – why would anyone add salt instead of sugar? The answer is simple. Salt reduces the bitterness hence your coffee tastes milder, almost sweet. This mixture of flavors adds up to a delightful drink.
8. Mint syrup – You like coffee, you probably like mint syrup – why not mix it up? It’s an unusual combination that tastes… well, festive.
9. Egg – Yeah, that’s right. This is a very popular drink in Scandinavia. The egg coffee has very strange smell, golden colour and richer taste.
Well, good morning! Which number would it be? 

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James commented on Sunday, Jun 05, 2016 at 10:03 AM

Excellent advice.

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