New Year: Places to Visit and Things to Take

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New year celebrations come in all shapes and sizes in accordance to the place you are in. The types of differ from country to country and also culture to culture. But one thing is for sure that inspite of the variety of culture as well as space, the common thing lies in the fact that everybody wants to welcome the New Year with optimum amount of enjoyment which in turn leads to optimum amount of positivity which is expected to transcend throughout the rest of the year. Thus, a positive start is what we all up to at the beginning of any year.

Travel is a common phenomenon during a New Year. There are many who try to start different years in different countries amidst different cultural backgrounds. For people like them this discourse would be more than interesting as we are trying to locate the best places to celebrate a new start and also trying to provide tips on how to pack light so that a heavy baggage does not hamper your enjoyment.

Places: - The last week of the year makes New York, to be specific Time Square, the most happening place in America. You get a mixture of everything like good food, huge annual gathering and world famous musicians. Then, if you want to travel abroad Rio is the best place to go to as the New Year celebrations over there comes only second to the world famous carnival. If already visited, you might opt for Sydney as the fireworks are famous not only for the grandeur but also for the fact that the location enhances the grandeur even more to make it a once in a lifetime experience as the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House makes for a striking setting. If you want prolonged celebration, you have to choose Edinburgh as the celebrations lasts for 3 days there starting from 30th December every year ranging up to the 1st day of the year. The entire New Year’s Eve is decorated with massive street parties and outdoor concerts. Then on the eve the events starts with a cross city torchlight procession followed by 4.5 tons of fireworks in the Edinburgh castle and the next day sees all sorts of activities.

Things: -- Coming to the next segment which helps in enhancing the party mood is to pack light. Now the first thing you need to look after this in this issue is to pick the right suitcase which is of the right size and weight. Then you would have to mix and match your clothes where you have to give preference to those clothes which might be used with different options. Select half the number of clothes which you have planned for as more often than not you manage to bring back half the number without any wear and tear. Then roll them up to save space for the New Year gifts you would have to bring back. Finally try to wear all the bulky items in the place so that your luggage does not get heavier than expected.

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