4 Great Tips to Buy Cheap Business Class Tickets

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Getting a cheap first class or business class ticket is a real challenge for most passengers. But finding a discount business class airfare is no more a dream even with flight fares that often run to thousands of dollars and premium cabins preserved for corporate travelers and well-to-do passengers.

Here are 4 outstanding ways following which you can enjoy a cheap business class airfare.

1. Look for airfare sales – This allows you to grab cheap business class flight ticket deals. International airlines often sell premium cabin seats at affordable rates. They offer such airfare sales to fill up the empty seats or may be to put the squeeze on their competitors. Major airlines such as British Airways, American Airlines, KLM and LAN occasionally offer these deals. To make use of such an opportunity, you need to be updated with the airfare market and keep an eye on key air travel forums. Also don’t forget to check airline email lists, follow major airlines on social sites and visit airline websites on a regular basis. If you find fare business class deals, don’t waste time; just book it.

2. Unpublished air ticket discounts – Be in touch with a business class air ticket specialist consolidator. A consolidator usually has access to unpublished tickets of premium class seats that can undercut standard market fare by up to 50%. A consolidator service is best to be used about 1 to 2 months prior to the estimated date of journey. It is always recommended to use a reputed consolidator service; it must be a member of industry-trade bodies such as ASTA (for US), IATA (international) and ABTA (UK). Before you deal with a consolidator, follow the instructions mentioned here:

• Check air ticket limitations and cost for any changes
• Make sure you’re offered with an all-in-price including surcharges and taxes
• Get an airline record locator and verify your ticket with that airline
• Pay by credit card that provides insurance in case of a mishap

3. Cheap venues to fly – First class and business class fares may differ significantly based on the country where the itinerary originates. Flying to a cheaper country would give you some brilliant airfare deals. Such discrepancy is generally caused by local economic condition, foreign exchange rate or for some facts that the airlines make use of to fetch passengers from outside of their home country by offering low-price tickets. You can surely take advantage of this geo-arbitrage. For instance, in Europe this works very well with the major airline carriers. Let’s say you want to fly from London to Tokyo return by British Airways Club World. Often this comes with a 50% cheaper rate if you start the journey from another European city like Milan or Amsterdam.

4. Split your tickets – Geo-arbitrages helps to split your tickets. Let’s say, you’re splitting your journey and getting separate tickets that can cut the business class ticket fare reasonably. Use a cheaper country as a point to split the ticket. For example, if you want to travel between Australia and Europe, you can purchase a business class ticket from Europe to any point in Asia like Manila and Singapore and buy a separate Australia- Asia positioning ticket. Denpasar to London through Hong Kong by Cathay Pacific airline can be specifically good value while considering a business class. Make sure you have plenty of time for connections while on separate tickets. Better, you turn your connection into a free stopover and spend some days at the split city.

Cheap business flights can be found in different route. All you need to have a regular watch on the airline websites to find exactly what you want.

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