Some Low Cost Business Ideas

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So, you’re looking forward to commence a small business? Well, owning that entrepreneurial drive is just half the way. To commence the journey, you require a strong and good business idea which is in-demand, practical and unique to stand out amongst the hundreds thousands of the others. Take a look at some of the best business ideas to start your wheel and enjoy some good success:

Career coaching

Wish to assist and motivate people for a job? You can begin your career coaching practice and tell them to do what they love and make a difference. Though career coaching generally works for people of all ages, from graduates to people looking for their dream job and those who are looking for a career change, you can easily help to prep your clients for better interviews, high quality resume and confidence buildup.

Online retailer

You need not be a flourishing retailer to commence an online store. Whether you’re planning to sell directly to the customers or make use of a drop shipping service, you just need a site and the perfect e-commerce software to begin. You can sell your products and services. On second thought, if you’re innovative and crafty, you can sell handcrafted work on Etsy or other such sites.

Event planner

Do you like throwing and organizing parties? If yes, you can start your own event planning business and transform your passion into a money-making venture. By being an event planner, you can help people and companies plan their need to be resourceful and have a good eye on detailing. You also need to patiently handle your clients and stay calm during the management.

Home based food facilities

If you enjoy cooking and baking, then you can easily organize a home-based bakery, catering company or be a home based chef. Just whip your inventions for people, events, companies and organizations. It is quite a rewarding opportunity to make money from what you enjoy doing but also it is a great way to enhance your culinary skills before making a wholesome investment in a brick and mortar establishment. Make sure you remember that home based food businesses are under regulation, so keep a note of the rules and regulations of your area.

Recruitment services

Opening recruitment consultancy services is a great business. You can commence your own company by starting recruitment to the company. All you need to do is get data of candidates who wish to seek job and refer the candidate to the company and take money amidst the process.

Social media services

In the present, social media is playing a major role in the development and promotion of businesses. Many companies seek help of specialists and social media service providers. You can make a team and start your own company who can do ghost-writing for companies, post on blogs, do Facebook fan page and promotion work, commence LinkedIn and Twitter accounts for your business.

Translation services

Today there are several companies around the globe that face the trouble of language. A translation service is needed to interpret all types of documents, but the right source of income is legal and medicinal companies. Just specialize in the one or language that you are fluent in, you can even hire translator who have knowledge of multiple languages.

Board room services and video conference facilities

There are several small and medium scale organizations that do not have a boardroom or video conferencing facility. If you have capital, good amount of space and expertise to set up a board room or video conference service, you can make money out of it.

Dietary consultancy facilities

A large number of people are worried about their health today. They are tensed about the type of food they’re eating. They often seek external suggestion and guidance on their diet plan and eating habits. If you have knowledge in this segment, then you can plan to start your own dietary consultancy company. You can also hire good dietician for this purpose.

Used car dealership

Purchasing a car today is the dram of every middle class person but only a few can pursue it. This is basically due to the lack of money. Thus, most of them opt for a used car. You can commence a work by taking dealership of used cars and doing business on a commission basis.

Mobile garage facility

Setting up a mobile garage by keeping repairers or mobile manpower is also a great business idea because a large number of car breakdown take place in places where there are no garage services available. You need good mechanics to start the work.

Hobby classes

Today every parent wants a holistic development of their kid and they are ready to spend money for this happily. This proposes out a very perfect business which people call hobby class. You can commence hobby classes for music, dance or any craft based skills.

Sport coaching

A lot of people today pursue sports as their career and parents love to see their kids participating in extracurricular activities. If you possess the knowledge of any sport, you can begin working a professional sports coach today.

Dance class

If you have a good command at different forms of dancing, then you can instantly begin your own dance class which is also a great business option. Often parents look out for good dancing teachers for their kids.

Baby keeping

In the metropolitan cities, you see a lot of working women who find it difficult to go on job with kids. If you begin a work of baby keeping here, you can easily get success.


Marriages are made in heaven but are matched on earth. With this idea, you can setup a good business for yourself which is matchmaking service. This business is great for the housewives.

Real estate agent

People look out for a good house for their residency. They either but it or live on rent in, but require assistance of a real estate agent or advisor in both the cases.


You can also enjoy working as a freelancer and work on different projects. It could be data entry, content writing and work as per your leisure and skill.

No matter what type of business you choose, it is very important that you give your hundred percent and feel confident so as to grow up in it. When going for any business it is very important that you start fresh and with free mind.

Tensions or worries can cause trouble for you and thus, if you are struggling with any debt issues make sure you settle them beforehand. Looking for the best way to consolidate credit card debt can be a wise idea to go with in order to solve your problems in a wise manner and keep yourself free from all debt related worries.

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