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What Your Hair Care Needs in Summer Season

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Summer is the hottest season of the year, which has longer days and short nights. We tend to care for our skin and forget that our hair requires equal attention too. The UV rays cause damage to our skin and hair as well. Here are some hair care tips you should try to protect your hair from damage.

Use products with UV protection -

During summer times, it is important to apply hair products with natural UV protection. Ensure you choose your products wisely; those that are free from harsh chemicals. The summer heats tend to keep your skin and scalp pores open. This allows further absorption of products that are applied on the surfaces. Natural oils such as sunflower oil are natural UV protectant that aid in softening your hair. The oils also act as an emollient; provides your hair and locks in that moisture. Applying a leave-in conditioner with added UV protection from sunflower is one of the hair care tips for women you must try to protect your hair from the sun rays.

Keep hydrated -

Water is essential for our overall well-being. Water has numerous benefits in our body: It destroys the dullness, it helps to eliminate the toxins in our body system, and it keeps our skin and hair moisturized throughout among others. You should always keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water about 8 glasses in a day. You can also consume foods and water that contains high water levels.

Shield your hair -

Another great hair care tips for women during summer is to opt for a hat or a scarf to protect your hair. It is important to protect your hair from direct sun rays. Your hair scalp defines a healthy hair. It regulates the secretion of sebum. Shielding your hair will protect your scalp from the UV rays in a way that the hair products cannot. They help your hair to retain its moisture content. They also aid in keeping your hair in place; protecting it from harsh wind especially at the beach. The wind can result in terrible tangles that will require you to brush your hair leading to further breakage.

Wash your hair right after the exposure -

Washing your hair will prevent further damage and helps to keep the impurities away from your hair. You do not have to necessarily use a shampoo. Cutting back on shampoo will allow your scalp’s oil production to rebalance itself. It helps to replace the lost moisture from your hair. As you rinse your hair, try giving yourself a scalp massage and apply natural oils while it is still moist. For those with medium to long hairs, you can just apply a hair conditioner to the mid-shifts and ends.

Try hot oil massage -

Massaging your hair is essential for its growth and overall health. The essential oils will help to remove dust and dirt particles from your hair and soothes your hair texture as well. The massage helps to exfoliate the dead cells, removes any product build-ups, and increase blood circulation leading to hair growth. Apply natural oils on your moist hair from the base to the mid-shifts and ends. It also helps in strengthening the roots leaving your hair soft and healthy.

Style your hair -

Wear hair in braids and gentle up-dos. This will protect your hair from harsh summer heats and humidity. Styling your hair also protects it from tangling. Ensure you tie your hair loosely to prevent it from tearing off or from any damage. It will also enhance air circulation in your hair giving your scalp a room to breathe efficiently.

Try deep conditioning treatments -

The treatments will protect your hair from dryness and split ends. Before embarking on this regimen and choosing the hair products, it is important to know your hair type and texture. Hair products can be sometimes damaging if not chosen with a lot of care. Your hair stylist can help you to identify your hair texture and what it lacks during the summer seasons by carrying out a wet-stretch test. The test will enable them to give you the best hair care recommendation for your hair type. It is important to wet your hair or apply the conditioner before jumping into a swimming pool. This prevents your hair from absorbing most of the chemicals in the pools.


The mentioned summer hair care tips will help you keep your hair healthy during summer seasons. Make the right choice for your hair to enhance your beauty and to keep it shiny and healthy despite the harsh conditions that accompany this season.

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