3 Golden Rules to Keep Obesity at Bay

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Obesity-- a serious, chronic disease-- is now engulfing the entire world with a great pace. It has many negative effects on your body parts including heart, bone, and joint.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 36% of Americans are now considered obese. Let’s understand negative effects of obesity in terms of statistics:

The National Cancer Institute associates 50,000 cases of cancer in women and 34,000 in men each year with obesity.
In an Indian study of 300 morbidly obese women, it is found that more than 90% of obese women developed the polycystic ovarian disease (a condition associated with infertility).
A study by new Journal of the American Medical Association shows that obesity (especially when her body mass index is 35+) increases chance of a woman of having a preterm baby.

A recent American Sleep Foundation survey found that approximately 80% of older obese Americans report having problems with their sleep.

According to a study lead by author Rebecca Puhl, it is found that more than 40% of children who get weight loss treatment say they have been teased or bullied by a family member.

Above studies shows that obesity affects a person not only physically but also mentally. Do you know curing obesity is not a herculean task? A little perseverance along with proper diet plan, regular exercise and yoga for weight loss can help you to keep this disease at bay. Let’s talk about these 3 golden rules in an elaborative way:

1. Give yourself proper diet

Proper diet is one of the most important keys for reducing weight in a less time. For effective diet plan, you should keep following things in mind:

a.Eat high-protein breakfast
b.Avoid fruit juice and sugary drinks
c.Drink luke warm water a half hour before meals
d.Eat soluble fiber
e.Drink green tea two times a day
f.Eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods
g.Eat your food slowly

Besides, there are some foods that should be an important constituent in your meal. These foods are whole eggs, leafy greens vegetables, salmon, cruciferous vegetables, lean beef & chicken breast, boiled potatoes, tuna, beans and legumes, soups, cottage cheese, avocados, apple cider vinegar, nuts, some whole grains, fruit, chia seeds, and coconut oil.

2. Do exercise on regular basis

Proper diet along with regular workout helps marvelously in reducing weight. According to a study published in Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, strength exercises increases your resting metabolic rate up to 18% the day after the workout that means you keep melting fat from your middle long after the last rep. Here are some important exercises that help you reduce weight in less time:

a.Dread lifts & Barbell Bench Press
c.Explosive Lunges
e.Mountain Climbers
f.Tabata Drill
g.Jump Rope
h.Bent Over Rows

3. Yoga for weight loss

Yoga is a way of living and ancient form of exercise that rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul. It’ll take you some time to understand completely the mechanism of different Yoga asanas, but Yoga practice is quite enlightening, affirmative as well as gratifying. These exercises provide flexibility to the body by twisting the body, backward and forward bends, inversions and various other poses.

It helps in opening up the rusted muscles and thereby facilitate fat burn and weight loss. Here are some of the most important asanas of yoga for weight loss :

a.Surya Namaskar
b.The warrior pose or Virabhadrasana
c.Triangular pose or Trikonasana
d.Upward plank or Purvottanasana
e.The boat pose
f.The bridge pose

Wrapping Up:

If you assimilate the above three golden rules in your lifestyle, then I’m sure you can accelerate the fat burning process of your body. You should not only add three things in your lifestyle, but also delete some bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, late hour sitting, and much more. If you want to add some other tips to lose weight, don’t forget to mention it in the comment box.

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