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Are You Experiencing Muscle Weakness? Here’s The

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Have you experienced to have shaky legs after a few flights of stairs? Are you experiencing shortness of breath when going to your office? Have you been reading books up to your nose or at an arm stretch reach? I hate to break this to you but, these are some classic signs of aging.

It is a little frustrating to deal with weakness in your prime years because of premature aging. Fight this off with some simple remedies at home!

Here is the good news! These signs are not permanent! There are ways to work around them and improve them! The following things you need to do are not all that difficult. In fact, some of them involve eating! Do the following to say no to aging and get back to your usual self!

1.) Banana

Weakness in your prime years can be more an issue of nutrition, but it can also be one of the symptoms of premature aging. Pick up your pace by eating a banana. A single piece of banana can help you rid of muscular weakness. It is rich in potassium and b-vitamins necessary for proper contraction of muscles.

Smear some peanut butter to increase the calories you ingest. Weakness can also be a sign of low blood sugar too. Eating anything can easily address this anomaly.

2.) Liquorice

This infamous confectionery can be bought almost everywhere. Buy a small pack for a little energy boost. Licorice contains a substance that stimulates the adrenal glands and promotes the production of the hormone adrenaline.

3.) Electrolyte Water

Sometimes, muscle weakness is a result of lack of electrolytes. Maybe you just lack the right amount of charge in your blood. Eat lots of fruits and drink electrolyte water to correct this balance. Drinking too much alcohol can alter the levels of your electrolytes. Make sure you replenish it with a potently charged electrolyte water.

If a piece of banana is not enough to restore your electrolytes, this may be the answer to your problem!

4.) Nuts

A scoop of trail mix can help you liven up your pace. There are times that you are just too consumed with what you are doing and forget to pack on the necessary calorie your body needs to function well. A handful of mixed nuts, pretzels, and chocolate chips can easily give you around 200 calories!

This is a great way to sustain your caloric needs especially when you don’t have an appetite. A cup equate to a decent meal and support your daily activities!

5.) Enough Sleep

We might not seem productive while we are sleeping, but, are less productive when we feel weak! This is especially true if you are working on a physically demanding trade. Combat this weakness by taking enough time to rest. After all, our normal physiology is disrupted when we don’t have enough rest.

Find time to rest or take power naps during the day to get your body’s systems up and running!

6.) Balanced Diet

Eating too much of anything is not advised as it can be bad for your health. Eating a single category of food your whole life will eventually result in some disorder and weakness in the future. A healthy balanced diet is advised to combat the symptoms of premature aging.

Eating fruits and vegetables will give you the right level of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. This will result in better functioning muscles and muscle groups of the body.

7.) Brisk Walking

Exercise may not be the first thing comes to your mind when you feel weakness. It is easier to stay in bed and just wait for it to go away. In contrary, some fifteen to twenty minutes of brisk walking can help you shake off this muscle weakness.

Maybe you just have to get your heart pumping a little extra to increase your body temperature. A little warmth can optimize your blood circulation. Go ahead and talk a short walk in the park.

You don’t have an excuse to not do these simple remedies! Open your fridge and grab a fruit! I know you have one of these available at your home. Restore your energy and bring back your youthful spirit!

If in case you have done this and you still feel some weakness, don’t hesitate to seek medical help and assistance. Muscular weakness is a vague symptom and is related to many illnesses.

Consult a physician if the remedies don’t work!

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