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Hey Beautiful! Worried About Hair Coloring?

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Hey Beautiful! Worried About Hair Coloring? Get The Best Color Tips

Hair beauty is one of the most versatile and most needed activity by any hair enthusiast. However, achieving this can be quite challenging. This is due to the myriad of hair styling options available. Many people spend a lot of time in the salons or barber shops trying to figure out a suitable style. Among the many hair styles is hair dying. For starters, dying of hair requires that one maintains short hair. This may seem impossible especially for ladies.

Before considering any particular choice of hairdo, it is of immense importance the several factors surrounding the style. Various factors should influence your choice of style. Hair type, nature of the hair, daily activities, maintenance and the benefits of the hair style are just but a few to mention. For those who consider hair dying, there are several additional factors to consider. These includes the availability of experts to undertake the activity. That said, there are several pros and cons of hair coloring. For the potential aficionados of hair coloring, consider going through the points mentioned below.

The Pros of Hair Coloring

1. It’s a New Look!
Many people are often afraid of getting a new hair look. The thought of adding a little flair in your hair brings in a mix of excitement and skepticism. However, hair coloring is a painless way of giving your face a new look. There are limitless possibilities of choosing a hair dye. Be it going dark, mermaid, highlights, light or ombre, finding a talented hair colorist will bring the best in you. Having a great hair dye job results to a clear highlight of your natural beauty. It provides a break from the usual hair color.

2. It Adds On Dimensions
To begin, black or dark is the normal hair color for a great population. This kind of feels flat. The depth and thickness of the hair are also hardly captured as the hair is in one color. Therefore, with a custom dye job, there are highlights, lowlights and several other factors in between. This gives the hair vibrancy and a great dimension.

3. Natural Hair Is An Ideal Choice
Many ladies currently prefer going it natural when it comes to hair. Being natural is not only stylish but also provides a wide array of choice to play with your hair. That said, natural hair is the perfect type to work on dye job. Unlike other hair types that have undergone extensive heat and chemical processes, natural hair can withstand the various chemical changes associated with the coloring process. However, some natural hair becomes challenging when absorbing dye. However, with the right makeup, be certain to have a healthy, beautiful and eye-catching colored hair.

4. Custom Shades
Dying hair might be one of the random things in your hood. However, having this hair type is beneficial as there are many other styles to play around with. You can stand out from the normal dye job by mixing various shades of hair dye. Try many colors and tweak them in accordance to your mood. To achieve a flattering color, employ the services of a specialist.

5. Goes Hand In Hand With Keratin Treatment
Hair is nothing more than strands of keratin with color and different texture. Keratin is the main protein in the body that makes up the hair strands. With continuous hair treatment and stylings, keratin may wear out. However, if you choose to go the natural way including hair coloring, be certain of rejuvenated keratin strands. This is because keratin treatment is an essential procedure either before or after hair coloring. This will improve the health of your strands.

Disadvantages of Hair Coloring

Some of the cons of hair coloring include:

1. Chemical Blast
Hair dyes are a solution filled with various types of chemicals. The chemicals may be potent carcinogens. Therefore, they could be potentially harmful especially to the skin. This is why you should employ the services of an expert to undertake this procedure. He/she should ensure that minimal amounts of dye comes into contact with the skin.

2. High Maintenance
Keeping your colored hair vibrant requires a ramp up of your usual hair care routine. Regular shampoos, conditioners, and other basic stuff cannot be used to wash the color treated hair. Therefore, you should invest in various products made specifically for colored hair to replace the normal hair routine products.

Other disadvantages of hair dying include:

Damages the tresses

May result to hair thinning

A risk to pregnant women and infants

Distant connection with rheumatoid arthritis

Despite the various pros and cons of hair coloring, it is among the prudent styles for few. You should consider this hairdo if you have an in-depth understanding of the various considerations to make it a success.


Hairdo styles present a dilemma when making a choice of replacing your current hair style. However, you can try going the natural way by embracing hair coloring. There are various benefits, including a wide array of manipulation choices. The style also augers well with various dressing codes.

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