Minimized Hazards in Russian Visa from the US

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Visiting Russia has become increasingly easier with the passing of time from the perspective of the American travellers. The common mass of America is no longer concerned about a tour to Russia and this has been reflected in the increase of different types of applications for visa to Russia. With the increase in demand for Russian visa it has become even more important to know the rules and regulations along with the availability and the different types of visas available from America to Russia. Many people fetch themselves into a whole lot of trouble because of their ignorance regarding the visa rules especially of the country they have planned a trip to. Now, in order to decrease the problems regarding a Russian visa we would try to provide the readers with some insight into the different aspects of visa for Russia in the following part of the discourse.

Primarily we would have to consider the fact that there are only 3 types of visas available from America to Russia. Namely they are business visa, student visa and the tourist visa. Business visas allow you to do any sort of business related activity while the students visa provide you with the opportunity to pursue higher studies in the institutes recognized in Russia while the tourist visas offer you tourism. Remember that no paid activity can be performed on tour with a tourist visa. While applying online is the new way to solve your visa issues, you would have to be knowledgeable regarding the types of visa you might opt for no matter which category of visa you have already applied for.

1. Multiple entry visa: - Irrespective of whether it is a business, student or a tourist visa your multiple entry visa would provide you with a validity of 3 years and a maximum period of stay up to 90 days. Remember that your documentation needs to be taken care of with a lot of seriousness in order to get your applications accepted. Further a multiple entry visa costs you around $149 along with a consular fee of $573 in case of rush services while in case of regular service it comes down to $99 and $303 respectively.

2. Double entry visa: - Remember that a double entry visa to Russia allows you to stay up to 90 days at a single go. But what you also need to remember simultaneously that the visa is also valid for 90 days only. The rush service for this type of visa would cost you $149 with a consular fee of $321 while the regular services would cost you $99 and $177 respectively.

3. Single entry visa: - Finally a single entry visa for Russia would not only allow you to stay for 90 days at a single go but is also valid for up to 90 days also. Then it costs you $149 as service fees and $213 for a rush service and $99 and $123 for a regular service correspondingly.

Thus, with the advent of online visa services things have not only gone easier but also has become both time as well as cost effective. Then, if there are still persisting confusions you can always call the toll free number for clearing them.

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