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In the field of precision metal stamping, a lot of things depend upon the efficiency of precision tools and dies. These tools are made with extreme care and there is no chance of an error in design, because the whole production line can suffer. As a result, the tool and die makers will need to ensure that everything from inception to production of precision tools and dies is taken care of meticulously.

What does a tool and die maker do?

Tool and die makers are trained to control computerized or mechanical machines in order to produce precision metal parts. These professionals are trained to work in the tool rooms, machine shops, factory floors and so on. Here are some of the things that these professionals do:

a) Once the project is approved, the professional or team of professionals has to carefully study the blueprint. They look at several specifications, sketches, CAD designs, or the CAM files which help them understand the requirements carefully and then make them.

b) Then the next step for these professionals is to carefully compute and then verify the several dimensions, sizes, tolerances, shapes, and several other things involved in the design.

c) Be careful in setting up and then operating the CNC machines in order to get the work going.

d) Then the tool and die maker has to file, grind, and after that carefully adjust the parts so that they fit together well.

e) Tests need to be done so that the overall efficiency and specifications of the tool is ensured.

f) After this process, then there is also an inspection done to carefully check for any defects and problems in dimension.

g) Finally, the surfaces of dies and tools are polished to make them smooth.

These professionals are trained to perform this task, and experience only makes them better.

What to look for in these professionals

One of the most important things to look at is the skill level. One way to analyze this is to consider the years of experience in this field and the past work done. The portfolio will help you get a better idea about the skill level. Experienced professionals are thorough with this field and all the specific requirements that make precision tools and dies perfect for operation.

Creativity Helps!

Apart from following the standard procedures, these professionals also need to be creative because there is a lot of thinking that they will be doing. Apart from the fact that the instructions are to be followed, if these professionals are creative and innovative, it helps them to look at things differently and recommend ways to make processes more efficient. The creative minds will carefully follow all the instructions but also think about the ways in which tools can be made better.

Cost saving Possibilities

The process of precision tool and die making is intense, and this is where the fate of production is being decided. So, the professionals working here think about every minute step that will help further in production. At times, these professionals also recommend ways in which the tool design can be tweaked in order to save money and increase efficiency in production. This results in more cost saving here, and helps companies and clients to save money as well. However, in order to accomplish this, professionals have to do a lot of brainstorming and a dedicated tool room should be helpful for these think tanks.

Carefully looking at this department

As a potential client, it is best to carefully look at this department of precision tool and die making. If you have requirement to get a project done, it is best to visit the manufacturer’s tool room and look at how these professionals are at work. It is also okay to ask these professionals questions that you might have. Most companies are happy to invite their potential clients in their property, and so you can take advantage of this feature. Personally, see how these professionals operate and then decide what is best for your specific project needs.

Eigen: Reputed in precision tool and die making

Eigen has always been at the core of coming up with creative ideas to solve several problems in precision metal stamping. We have a dedicated tool room and experienced tool and die makers working here on a consistent basis. We ensure that every client requirement and work is given same priority, and is provided with an effective resolution at the same time. Our experience in this field and a great team of tool makers help us provide our clients with the most efficient results, regardless of how big or small the project may be.

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