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The Impact on the Environment

The question of the environmental impact has managed to find its way into all of the important things in a life of every man, woman and child on this planet. We have, simply, started to damage our planet so much that it is starting to affect us (instead of our children’s children being the first to feel any changes, as was formerly told). So, having this in mind, it is important to address this question whenever possible.

One of the human activities that were exempt from environmental questioning was reading, since it was necessary and there was no way in which it could be greener. Well, for quite some time now, there is a way in which you can read all that you want electronically, and this might prove to be a better and greener solution than printing hard-copies. Now, let’s see how much impact do each of these types of books have on our environment.

New textbooks

We all know how paper is produced (at least I hope we do). Trees have to be cut, to be later, through various chemical, physical and god-knows-what-other processes, transformed into thin pieces of paper. Once the paper is made, it goes through a printer which puts the ink, either by spraying it, or imprinting it with laser, on it. When you receive a new textbook, there is already so much damage to the environment done, that all the knowledge that you can gain from it will be in vain to make up for the damage that our planet has suffered.

Old textbooks

The problem here is of the opposite nature. Even though paper is a, more-less, natural compound, and it should dissolve naturally, there still remains the question of litter. You will rarely find that people destroy old books that they do not need; instead, old, used textbooks are being thrown around without much care for the rubbish that they can create. On the other hand, burning the books is also unclean, because you have to use fossil fuels to burn them, which will, once again, create a problem for the environment. Either way, old textbooks are also as much menace as the new textbooks when it comes to pollution.


If I were to take an uneducated guess about which kind of books is the most clean, I would definitely have to say this one, because it is logical. There is no burning of fossil fuels; there is no cutting the trees down or any other form of malicious treatment of the environment. While electronic devices, such as e-readers (Kindle, Sony Reader, etc.), are potentially environment-threatening, the people at Kindle say that their readers do not contain any toxic materials. They are totally green, which was one of the ideas behind the whole project.

It is recommended that people switch to e-reading, because, that way, millions of trees will be saved, meaning more oxygen for all of us. So for environmental-friendly books
just visit the University textbooks online bookstore.

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