Visiting Simi, Greece

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A mountainous island of Simi is located 41 km from Rhodes. Is part of the Dodecanese group and a small area of ​​only 57 km2, with a rocky coastline, small bays and sandy beaches.

In 1309, Simi won the Knights of St. John, who developed the shipbuilding industry, and divers looking for sponges. In the thirties of the nineteenth century came under Turkish rule, and then, in 1912. year, under the rule of the Italians.

Then it was the capital of the Dodecanese and had the largest fleet of underwater sponge shrinkage, and it had a population of 30,000 inhabitants. However, the quest for smaller sponges, and the damage suffered by the island during World War II, led to a decline Shimhi power, and today is home to about 2500 residents.

The city is divided into upper and lower parts of a castle and there the Knights of St. John, which is associated with 500 steps with the neoclassical pastel colored houses and courtyards full of flowers. The harbor is really beautiful, surrounded by mountains that form a natural theater. When a quiet day, in the upper town, you can hear the conversations held down on the coast.

Worth visiting the Archaeological Museum and the Folklore Museum and the Palace Haciagapitos roots. Monastery of Archangel Mihjala PANORMITIS located in the Gulf, southwest of the island. It was built in the early eighteenth century, the place where once stood a much older monastery and there you can see the beautiful iconostasis, a beautiful Byzantine frescoes and visit two museums with outstanding library. Visit this site to find summer 2013th more interesting.

Many visitors learn about Simi during a one-day trip to Rhodes, but the island is so relaxing and has such a natural charm and beauty that many tourists come and next year to revive the longer you stay on the island.

Tip about this beautiful place i visited i got from friend from MitosTravel. There are plenti of great places on their Leto 2013 page

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