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Large-format printing is often colloquially referred to as “blowing up” images into a larger size. It is generally done with very large-scale printers that can transfer an image onto a variety of surfaces, from vinyl to paper or even fabric. Although some consumer-level retail locations offer printing on large formats, they are sometimes limited by the size of the images they can print.

Commercial businesses that specialize in graphics can enlarge an image to massive proportions for a number of uses. This sort of printing has many uses and can prove to be a vital asset for any business or homeowner who wants to try a creative approach. Here are ten different examples of uses for printing on a large scale.


You are probably well acquainted with this use without even realizing it. Inflatables are often used by food chains to promote their products. In many cases, they need to have a logo, photo, pattern, or symbol of some sort printed onto the surface before the object is inflated. In this case, large format printing can be used to transfer an image to the surface.

Signs and Banners

Large format printing is very commonly used for producing large signs and banners. Printing the image tends to be quicker, neater, and cleaner than creating it by hand.

Advertising & Promotional

Printing in a large format is also utilized in the advertising world on a regular basis. Where else would these businesses get their life-size cutouts and product displays? Large format printing can be quite useful in promoting a business by bringing the message to consumers on a larger scale that will catch their eye.


Galleries often need high-quality, large format printing for displays of photographs. This way larger photos can be seen from a distance and mounted on a wall for proper viewing.


Posters, whether for a teenager’s favorite band or the local movie theatre, all need to be made with the use of large format printing. Gone are the days when posters are painstakingly crafted by hand. For time and economical purposes, most mass-produced posters use large-format printing to crank out the copies in a timely manner.

Personalized blankets

Aside from those inclined towards their more creative side, few people know that many photo printing centers can print an image of your choice onto a large item like a blanket or quilt. This makes a wonderful gift for a loved one. Some businesses, often movie and game franchises, even sell blankets and bedding printed with their trademarked characters— yet another use for large format printing.

Event displays

Trade shows and conventions tend to be a sea of endless booths and tables for event-goers to weave their way through. After a while, they all tend to blend together for the people there unless there is something that makes a booth stand out from the rest. Large event displays do exactly that! Images printed in a large format will catch the eye and draw more attention to a business’s station.

Home decoration

With do-it-yourself home decoration gaining more and more popularity, large format printing is often used to give a home a personal touch. This can be used for printing images on wallpaper, cutouts, and simply large portrait photos that are hung in a home. They are a great way to display a high-quality image on a very big scale.

Demonstrational purposes

Demonstration is one usage that tends to get overlooked when large format printing is discussed. Offices that deal with large volumes of paperwork done by the public can simplify the process for their customers by blowing up a version of their paperwork into a poster and filling it with dummy information. Places like courthouses and post offices tend to use this approach, but any business will find that this extra help will make things go much smoother in helping customers who have to fill out and submit forms.

Presentation charts

When a projector is not available for a business meeting, charts are the next best alternative. They make information easily readable and large enough so that everyone in the room can see the information being presented. Presentation charts are another use for large format printing, whether you are in need of blueprints, images, or even graphs.

Overall, large format printing has far more uses than many people realize! This sort of printing is not only great at capturing attention, it can make it a lot easier to display large images without needing to take time to create it by hand. Whether you are a company owner looking to add some flair to your business, a board member in need of a presentation visual, or simply a creative homeowner who wants to spice up your home, large format printing is most definitely of use to you.

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