Keeping your Child Safe in the Garden

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Playing out in the garden is one of the things kids simply love. However, it is crucial that due consideration is given to their safety while they are doing so. Accidents can happen at a mere distraction, and things could be much worse if kids are left unattended. By applying some basic precautionary measures, you can put your mind at rest that your children are playing in a safe area, and that they are less prone to accidents. Obviously, the safety precautions you apply need to be applicable to your children's age/s. Naturally, toddlers and young kids are more prone to dangers than older kids. Hence, it is imperative that you act accordingly.

The first step to keep your child safe in the garden is to try and ensure that there is a responsible person present with him/her, ideally at all times. Fences and gates with child-proof locks need to be installed so as to make sure that your child does not wander away in case he/she is left unattended, even if this is just for a couple of minutes. Disasters can happen in no time at all, and it is better to play it safe. If there are any stairs it is best to install rails, and ideally ensure that they are not accessible to young children. If there are any windows, it is best to replace the glass with safety glass whenever possible.

It may be a good idea to designate a play area for your children, so as to make sure that it is in a safe area of your garden. Such an area should have a soft base, rather than stone or concrete. Also, make sure to choose play equipment that is suitable for your children's ages and that it is regularly checked and maintained. Rusty areas or splinters need to be seen to immediately.

Make sure to check that there are no poisonous plants in your garden. It is also important to teach your child to avoid touching any plants, or worse, put them in his/her mouth. Try to avoid nettles and roses in your garden, especially if your child is too young to understand that they can hurt him/her.

If your child is going to spend a considerable amount of time playing in the garden, try to put him/her in a shady area. Tents and gazebos are ideal additions in a garden to provide some shade, especially in the hot summer months. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to apply some sunscreen protector on your child's skin. Also make him/her wear a hat or a cap. Insect repellents are also a good idea so as to try and avoid insect bites. Remember, that the younger your child is, the more delicate his/her skin is.

Any machines, gardening tools, or some types of junk that are present in your garden, should be put away in a shed or other safe place. It is also extremely important to avoid having kids use any gardening tools as they may easily get hurt. There are some smaller and safer versions of certain tools which you could buy for your child. Any chemicals, fertilizers, weed killers, and similarly dangerous substances should also be stored out of reach of kids.

Ponds and pools are common features in many gardens. However, if you have children it is not such a good idea to have a pond or a pool. Bear in mind that a child could drown in a few inches of water, and so it is better to be safe than sorry! While your child is still young you should close them off by means of fences. There are various pool fences to choose from on the market, and there are specialized children safety fencing systems too. These fences are very flexible in that they can be installed to pools of any size and shape. Strong mesh fabric is generally used for pool fences, and these are then mounted to poles which are high enough to avoid children from passing through. Such pool fences also come with self-locking gates to add to the child's safety.

As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. We all have our child's safety at heart, and so it is imperative that we do our best to protect them properly while they are playing in the garden.

Melissa is writer covering various health and beauty topics. At the same time, she is also working mum from Brisbane, currently on mission to make her backyard safe for her child, exploring everything from finding best pool fencing to tips on how to safely store hazardous chemicals.

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