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The history of Porsche cars

Just like Ford and Chevrolet are named after their founders, Porsche was the brainchild of Ferdinand Porsche and his similarly named son. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG was founded in 1931 and had its headquarters in Stuttgart where its premises sit up to date. Initially, the company did not manufacture cars of its own but rather offered motor vehicle development and consulting services. It was not until the German Government offered Porsche an assignment ...

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Independance Day July 4th

Remember what our country stands for this Forth of July. Freedom for all! Freedom of speech, religion and human rights. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

A poem - I wish I were Washington

I wish there were a Washington
For every failed state,
A Jefferson or Madison
To guide them through the gate.

I wish there were a Lincoln
For ...

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Warbirds are coming

During World War II, Great Bend and the surrounding area underwent a huge change. With construction of an Army Air Field west of town, lives and attitudes were altered forever. There was a war to be won and this airbase helped do it.

The 'Battle of Kansas' was fought over the plains of Kansas - a battle in which air crews learned to fly B-29 Superfortresses and the ground crews, mechanics and ...

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