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6 Tips For Eating Healthy And Saving Money

Budgeting seems to be the biggest problem when you sit down to do the necessary calculations and delegation of funds into various areas of life.

You can use coupons to avail discounts while shopping these products online.

Now it is completely understandable to worry about money when you have been spread far too thin in trying to make ends meet, however, the key is to remember that smart money ...

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Better things to put in your coffee than cream

Do you love the smell of hot coffee on an early morning? Yes, we all do. Coffee is famous for its energizing power – it contains the stimulant caffeine which can make you feel less tired. Furthermore, people believe that coffee helps burn fat and improves physical performance. While most of us like to consume it with sugar or milk, there are some very unusual ingredients that others fancy adding. And I don’t mean cream. ...

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Fast Foods are not good

We eat fast food daily but we don't think about our body.

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Serendipity can be delicious!

"Serendipity /serənˈdipitē/ Noun: The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way."

I love serendipity.

Wandering through local grocery store at 8:00 in the morning. Looking listlessly at smoked pork chops, a lovely 2 lb beef roast winks slyly in my direction. "O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!" - it's marked down! Visions of a well-seasoned, slowly roasted lean piece of bovine delight, topped with ...

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It's baking weather ...

It rained today. Did you notice? That means ... it's baking weather ... it's soup weather ... Waistlines, watch out!

I couldn't help myself, I confess. When chill and damp strike, I often succumb to an overwhelming urge to head for the kitchen and create something warm and satisfying. Today was no exception. Since all the ingredients (all five of them) were "present and accounted for", beer bread happened -- warm, moist, ...

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