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Importance of Female Quran Teachers, to Help Tutor

Learn Quran Kids is a platform to facilitate people with their Quran learning services. They have taken the initiate to teach Muslims Quran around the globe. They are working to make individuals aware of their religious, spiritual and holy values. The task is somewhat difficult but Learn Quran kids have taken numerous steps to improve the situation specially inducting female Quran teachers to help tutoring our girls.

Services Learn Quran Kids provides: ...

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Tips on Cleaning Your Bathroom

Cleaning a bathroom is not an easy task but certainly an activity that should be done every now and then, at least more often than you clean your other rooms. And even though you may not like cleaning, you just have to do it if you want to live in a clean and fresh place.


1. In order to clean your bathroom, you first have to prepare it. ...

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How To Clean A Laser Printer

Nowadays, we are living in the technological era and the fast growth of the industry has undoubtedly made our lives way easier. Every day we hear about a new application for a mobile phone or a newer, faster and more efficient version of the devices we currently have. We truly believe that all these technological improvements are handy and useful despite the fact that they are a subject of fierce arguments as far as their ...

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50th GBHS class reunion

As our class approaches it's 50th reunion, wonder what you all have been doing. I, for one, cannot believe it has been that long. Remember the times we would drive through the old A&W root beer stand? Working at Dillons on Main Street? The whitewash after the intersquad football game each year? All that 3.2 beer we used to drink at the drive inn/ diversion dam?

Sitting here in old San Antonio ...

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2nd Story Level of Downtown Great Bend

Wouldn't it be great to convert the 2nd story of Zarah Mall into apartments/flats like in New York City? It would provide trendy housing for college students as well as graduates, which might prompt them to stay in Great Bend instead of moving off to a big city. If the price was right. Cost of living adjustments need to be promoted as well. I know of a family member who moved to the big city ...

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