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Beginner Sailing Tips

Cutting through the water with marvelous speed, sailing is a way of life that people find pleasant as well as thrilling. The joy of seeing the world from an open perspective and feeling the crisp breeze across the face is what has made sailing aficionados fall in love with this sporting activity.

While the sailors may make it look like fun and games, learning to sail requires a certain amount of practice ...

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My Croatian Adventure

I decided to take myself off to Croatia for a much needed vacation this fall. I love traveling and have done solo vacations before so this was no big deal. I have been meaning to visit this beautiful country for some months now. I planned my itinerary after consulting a few Croatian tourism websites and recommendations from friends who had been to Croatia before. I always go for the best of local food and historical ...

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10 Do’s and Don’ts When Travelling

Traveling abroad can be a deeply rewarding and enriching experience, but only if you do it right. Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, you need to keep your safety first at all times. This will of course require lots of common sense, as you will soon discover in the tips mentioned below. Even then, being able to make responsible decisions and generally being aware of what is going on around you will ...

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Visiting Simi, Greece

A mountainous island of Simi is located 41 km from Rhodes. Is part of the Dodecanese group and a small area of ​​only 57 km2, with a rocky coastline, small bays and sandy beaches.

In 1309, Simi won the Knights of St. John, who developed the shipbuilding industry, and divers looking for sponges. In the thirties of the nineteenth century came under Turkish rule, and then, in ...

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Sorry I don't speak english

I, my name is Paolo and I am Italian. Sorry, but I speak little English and therefore use the google translator. My son studied at the Barton Community College. He is a baseball player. Even I and my wife love baseball.
On 20 September my wife and I will be at Great Bend for
know the College and to see our son play baseball
We stop in Great Bend 25 days. Return ...

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